Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its official!

Render Me Mama is now a .com address. Phew. That seriously took some work. I was not prepared for that shit. In theory, you click the thing, sign up for your domain and in a few days time, Voila! You have your domain.

Not for me. Surprised? Then you must be new here. Welcome.

It took almost a week, lots of tears and nasty emails to my domain people, more tears because you can't just email blogger (how much does that suck??) and then more nasty emails. It worked though, eventually.

Anyway, yay for me and RMM! Now though, I feel the need to order new cards with the new address and email on it. Someone stop me. Or don't. What do you think?

Oh, and also: I got rid of the Intense Debate commenting system which was another whole drawn out, crazy process. Its gone though and good riddance! I don't think any of my commenters had issues with it but it caused nothing but problems for me as an admin.

so, here is to changes and restoration!


  1. cards? I think its a good idea. I was talking about your blog the other day. I said "she says some of the funniest craziest things I have ever heard sometimes but I cant help but read her blog!" LOL I feel like I am addicted to reading your blogs and think if you have cards and get them out there others might find it to be the same for them.

  2. Cards are a great idea but it would suck to have to get all new ones. For me, it would come down to how much it costs, but I'm cheap like that! Congrats on moving the blog successfully!

  3. I love an excuse for stationary. I say go for it! Congrats on the .com - I keep thinking about the move myself, but I'm just so, um, lazy :)


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