Friday, November 12, 2010

Holidays? What Holidays?

I can't get excited about the holidays this year. Its bothering me. I am usually excited about Thanksgiving at least by now if not so excited about Christmas that I can hardly contain myself. Some years I am so excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving gets here that I am totally burnt out on the idea by the time the holiday actually gets here. 

Not this year though and I am having a hard time finding something to blame. I got a little excited about some of the deals on toys that I have found but I just can't get into the spirit. 

I am not even excited about the food people. Thats crazy talk for me. I am always excited about food. 

We usually decorate for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving but in this mood I don't even want to think about dragging that stuff down from the attic. We just put it up there.

I am really hoping that something happens soon. Keep your shit crossed people. Otherwise this is going to be a long winter. 

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  1. I'm with you. I keep thinking I need to get some Christmas shopping done but just can't find the motivation. However, I am excited about Thanksgiving. I'm hoping that once that's over I'll get pumped about Christmas.


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