Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Next Nine Days

September is a big month for us. In case you haven't noticed, here is the low down.

9/9 - Tommy's birthday
9/14 - K's Birthday
9/15 - D's Birthday
9/18 - Our wedding anniversary

Now, you might ask if we planned it this way. My answer to which is a resounding NO. We are just very poor planners. That and apparently only fertile in December. Who knows. Oh, and we are moving the end of the month. Anyway, so yeah, the month of September is crazy for us. Add in the three birthday parties we are attending this weekend and the boy's dual party next Saturday and then another party on Sunday and the next couple of weeks are going to be a tad... can we say stressful around here.

So for the next nine days, I am going to do my very best at keeping up with posts and my regular commenting forays but if I miss you or miss a day of posting, forgive me? Its not that I don't love you, I am just probably rocking gently in a corner somewhere, humming to myself and I will be back to normal soon. Hopefully. 

*By the way, check back tomorrow morning to get in on a giveaway I am hosting for a friend! You won't be disappointed!

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