Friday, July 30, 2010

Update on Sign-gate 2010

Ok, first, thank you all for your comments on the "vajazzle" situation. I think its great to hear other peoples views on things like this and I think its amazing how varied the replies were! From "Meh" to "ZOMG". I think its funny how many people didn't know what it meant too. I admit, I had to Google it the first time I saw it too, so you aren't alone. Not exactly something that comes up in polite conversation. Only mall store windows, apparently.

Anyway, I told you that I had sent them and email, along with a few friends complaining. Asking (not so nicely) to take it down. The next afternoon, no reply, sign still up. Surprise, surprise. Then, they posted to the mall Facebook page about an event they were having at the indoor playground, inviting people to come by and join them. My bestie posted a comment on it basically saying "Make (the store) take that sign down and I'll be happy to come". Needless to say, we all had emails within ten minutes or so saying that they had just talked to the store owner and told them to remove the sign. "Apology blahblahblah. Contact me directly if you have any more concerns".

We ended up having a friend check it out a little while later and the sign was gone. I was talking to T about it last night and told him I don't really care that much for my family but I can imagine how it might make things weird for others. We are very rarely mall bound anyway. Pretty much just to visit the indoor playground, which of course was in the line of fire here. I am glad they took it down but I do doubt it will keep them from putting it back up eventually. I guess that is where the "more concerns" department will be getting a visit. For now though, I still feel like it was the right thing to do asking them to remove the sign. Detrimental to society? No. Tacky and distasteful? Yes.


  1. Read the old post and this one off to goole beause I have no idea what this means!

  2. yay for making changes and having influence!


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