Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy Confessions Week #2

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week. What are yours?

~ I think that little kids should have daily baths. Kids are gross. Especially at the "potty training" and "learning to feed themselves neatly" ages like my kids are. Sometimes though, there just isn't time. Or they are extra tired. Or I am extra tired. Sometimes, the whole water and soap thing? Yeah, doesn't happen. So, I "bathe" my kids with baby wipes. They at least smell better, right?

~ My youngest likes to sleep in the dark. Like, dark dark. Until this week I hadn't yet bought the blackout curtains I had been meaning to purchase since he was tiny. So where does did he take his afternoon nap? In his pack and play... in my bathroom... Now he gets to nap in his bed and I get to do whatever I want during naptime.

~ I am a little too excited about that last confession. I can shower at nap time again!!

~ Sometimes, I still wear my maternity clothes. In public. What can I say, you can't beat the expandable waistline when wrestling kids all day long and who couldn't use a little extra room in their waistband after having kids? (BTW, don't answer that if you don't. Just sayin'.) The shirts I don't wear as often as the pants but some of them are just too cute and comfortable to put up. Heres a deal for you, I promise to tell you if your navy waistband is showing if you promise to tell me too.

~ I let my kids eat an entire canister of Happy Baby green puffs and some blueberries for breakfast yesterday. I just dumped the containers out on our lipped coffee table and let them have at it. What? The puffs are fortified and organic. Thats good, right? Plus, it taught them to share like good brothers, K got to practice his cruising, and I got some stuff done... Win win!

~ My laundry pile is taking over my laundry room. I have to move some out to be able to open my dryer. We are talking waist deep here. The nice thing is not having to bend over to get things to put in the washer, the bad thing is I am slowly running out of (maternity) pants. So, what am I supposed to wear? Don't worry about the kids on this one, they have plenty of stuff. Mommy is a shopaholic when it comes to their clothes. Guess thats like two confessions in one...

Update: I finally threw out the pull up after last weeks post. It was all stretched out and really sad looking. My husband convinced me that it wasn't going to hold anything if he did go anyway. I didn't believe him but I threw it out anyway.


  1. my waistband is gray, not blue. just so you can keep an eye out for me.

  2. I will take you up on this post. Going to form my own now. Keep watch!

  3. I love these I need to start doing them

  4. G&G~ I got you. I'll keep a look out.

    Amber & Meg~ Bring it!

  5. Ok, I totally chickened out. I had a post written up, but can't bring myself to publish it! LOL My confessions are like ten times worse HAHA


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