Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maintaining the Buzz

Lets face it, most days I look at their little faces and I absolutely think there is nothing in the world that could ever come close to how totally awesome they are. Its intense and powerful. Some days, not so much. I just want to go and hide in a hole somewhere and take a nap. The ebb and flow of life, as everyone knows, is different and we all have to figure out how to keep ourselves afloat. To maintain our buzz, so to speak.  I think too though that part of maintaining that buzz is in the little things. The little comings and goings of everyday life.

Sometimes that is as easy as going outside, laying in the grass and looking at the clouds. There is a perfect little hill right outside our building for doing just that. D and I will lay there and look until he gets up and runs off or K starts to eat grass and then we will head over to the playground for a bit. Some days we go out and have a playdate with friends or run errands. Doesn't sound really exciting but to us, getting out of the house is cathartic. We are all people people so to speak. Just being out and about helps us feel alive and well. We will get little treats for D along the way to keep him going. Ice cream or smoothies or some little dollar trinket that he picks up. K's buzz is still easy to maintain. Give him some boob every now and then and let him taste something random every now and then and he is happy as a clam. 

Then there are the days where I just throw my hands up and roll in the floor with the kids all day. All I have to do is lay there really and they roll and wrestle and climb all over me. Its like a mini Shiatsu massage. Or being mauled by small dogs with no teeth or claws. Nothing gets done on those days but there is always another day to do laundry but I will never get that time back with my babies. Babies don't keep. 

Of course sometimes I have to get away too. Usually I just go on a date with Tommy but lets face , it sometimes I need away from him too. So I will go out with "the girls" or sneak out to Target for something and spend some time just wandering around aimlessly looking at random things. Even just going for a drive and letting the kids sleep in their car seats for a bit is usually enough of a "break".

Whatever it is, whatever we do, I always try to keep the buzz going. Call it a buzz for each other or a buzz for life in general, its a vital part of staying sane.

How do you maintain your buzz??


  1. Right now my buzz is shot but I'll come back and answer this in a month when I'm jobless and back at home with JaMonkey!

  2. Thanks for linking up at BreeBee.com- I need more buzz...but we try and get out of the house :)- to play elsewhere seems to keep the house a funner place.


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