Sunday, May 30, 2010

Binkie baby

K is obsessed. He loves his binkie in a way we never saw with D. He is fine without it until he is tired... or bored.. but as soon as he is, you better have one handy. Any hang time with his bink is like a day at Disney with his bestie and you tell me what kid wouldn't want that all the time. Sometimes its the simple things I guess. Here is the thing though. When does a simple thing become a not simple thing anymore? When do you, as a parent, break the cycle?

With D it was easy. He only wanted his binkie at bedtime, even at this age. He wasn't obsessed. One night, at 18 months, he just didn't want it anymore. I went to put him in his bed, and he took it out of his mouth and handed it to me. We left one in his bed with him for a few weeks after that but he never even so much as looked at it again.

Something tells me K isn't going to be that easy. Thing is, I don't mind him having a pacifier. He is a baby. It helps this otherwise needy little man soothe himself when he is unsettled. Not that he doesn't find comfort in me or his daddy and not that I would ever use it to hold off a feeding or comfort of any sort. When he is hungry, he wants nothing to do with his bink. Sometimes babies just need to suck. I get that.

I guess I am just looking to the future. Maybe he will prove me wrong and give it up easy like D did. Or maybe not. Either way, who could resist this cuteness?


  1. My 18 month old is a massive binki baby. She is an emotional child, so her having the binky actually really helps me. I think in a little while, we are going to try the trick where you gradually cut off a snippet of the binki at a time until one day she just doesn't like it anymore. I can't bring myself to do hotsauce or anything like that.

  2. He is pretty darn cute!! You gotta get him one of those soothers with the teeth and tongue hahahahaha.


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