Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Saturday

Been a busy busy one. For us at least. especially considering we usually just sit around all day and do nothing. Today though, the boys and I woke up (late like usual) and got moving around the house. We had a lazy breakfast of sorts while we waited on T to get home from his morning work appointments and watched some TV. Blah. When T got home we got dressed and got all piled in the van. Well, ok, T got the boys dressed and I slacked around until the very last second where I threw on some clothes and my Crocs. Then we piled in the van.

We ended up going down to the "Touch a Truck" event here close to us. It was pretty neat. They had all kinds of trucks and buses and things there that the kids could climb all over and honk the horns. Made for a pretty loud event but what else would you expect really? We didn't get to stay long because they were wrapping up but D got to touch the firetruck all over and that was what he really wanted to do. The let him try on some of their gear too and we got some cute pictures. He made the firefighters giggle when he insisted on wearing their gloves too and then was trying to keep everything from falling off. Didn't go so well. When it was finally his turn to get up in the truck we got total stone face. He didn't like being up so high off the ground. He played around in there for a minute and poked all the buttons he could reach and still keep a hand on me but he didn't fuss when it was time to get out either.

He also got to sit in a mail truck and for some reason he thought that was really cool. I'm not sure that he has ever actually seen our mail truck though so maybe that added to the allure. Plus, this one he could actually reach all the buttons in and of course he pushed them all. Poor mail carrier probably got a surprise when he turn the ignition with everything flashing and blowing and beeping. Oh well, not my problem. What does a mail truck need all those buttons for anyway?

Like I said, there were lots of other random things for them to climb on (and honk). Some of which were totally lost on him, some he really enjoyed. He climbed all over a bulldozer too. I'm sure there is a specific name for it but for the life of me I don't know what that is. It didn't have a horn though so he was not so interested in sitting in the actual drivers seat for long.

After we left there, we went to lunch at a local hole in the wall BBQ place and if you know anything whatsoever about BBQ, you know that the hole in the wall places are the best ones out there. After that it was home for naps. Much needed naps after having climbed all over everything and stuffed ourselves chock full of anything the waitress would bring us.

When we got up it was almost dinner time. Oops. We woke up the boys and packed into the car to head to my mother's house for a cookout. It was so nice out. T and I sat out at the grill for a few minutes while the burgers cooked and played with the camera settings came up with <--- that. Which I think is pretty and cooked some damned good burgers while we were at it.

After dinner we spent some time visiting with my mom and playing with the boys until it was time to come home and get the boys to bed. D was quite ready for bed, which is unusual for him. He almost never asks to go to bed, so when he does, we know its been a good day. Hopefully we will have lots of days like this soon. Tomorrow, however, it is back to cloudy, rainy and cold. At least the first day of Spring sprang with pleasant weather. Maybe that is an omen to the rest of our year.

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  1. Lisa was supposed to send me the info for this so we could go with you...FAIL!!!! Looks like he had fun though!


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