Thursday, March 11, 2010

Intro to K

My baby K is the youngest in our family. He is also the most opinionated in the bunch. Born September 14th, 2009 at 1:38pm weighing in at 8lbs, 9oz and 21.5 inches. My peanut. He struggled with hypoglycemia due to a little birth trauma and spend the first three days of his life in the NICU. Scariest three days of my life. Thats a story for another day though. Long story short, I am an even bigger advocate for kangaroo care now than I used to be and he is doing just fine. Healthy as can be. He started sleeping six or seven hours at night at nine days old and was totally sleeping through the night at two weeks. Don't hate and don't ask how "we did it" because he did it on his own. His brother did it too. I chalk it up to milk oversupply and a lazy mama.

K has always been a very vocal baby. At first he squeaked when he ate. It was pretty humorous to listen to. Suck, swallow, SQUEAK, repeat. I'm not talking soft baby squeak here people. I'm talking sounded like someone stepped on a dog toy. There was no hiding what he was doing in public and around other people and often lead to people staring but hey, baby has to eat. He has also never been afraid to let you know what exactly he thinks about being hungry. It sucks. A lot. It will not be tolerated TYVM. He also fusses when he is sleepy but its very definitely two different fusses. Now that he has gotten a little older, he is much more patient about the hungry/ tired thing but once he is done, he is done and nothing but a nap or boob will do. He loves to "talk" too. Constantly. And its freaking adorable. He had the funniest inflection I have ever heard in a baby. Up and down, babble and coo. Repeat. Working his little baby eyebrows all the while. Adorable.

He has always been my little snuggler too. He hasn't been as ahead as his brother was with the physical stuff so far and I chalk it up to him being so freaking snuggly. You pick him up and he just melts into you chest like butta. His most favorite place to sleep in the world is on mommy's chest all curled up in a ball. Which is  getting interesting now that he is getting bigger. Arms and legs hang off everywhere but he seems to enjoy it just the same. He just likes to be close. He does like to play in his jumperoo quiet a bit too. It mean hey, it bounces, it lights up, its colorful AND it plays music. Sounds like fun to me too.

He is still a strong little cuss considering his remarkable lazy, loungy side. If he had better balance, he would be standing on his own by now. He already can for a few seconds at a time. Perhaps he will be the obnoxious kid that walks before he crawls. Hopefully not but I would love him either way. He sits up when he wants to but he really would rather just lay down and roll around so he does that most of the time. He has figured out the roll, and scoot to get to what he wants which makes life pretty interesting. So much for leaving him in a room to go pee real quick. I never know where he will be when I get back.

Thats pretty much K. He is a lovey, talky, snuggly, spirited, booby obsessed, little monster that has all of us dancing to his tune. Even his big brother (who is completely smitten btw). What can I say, he takes after his mama in more than just looks.

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