Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Intro to D

D-man is our first born. He was born September 18th, 2007 at 10:58pm. He was 9lbs and 1oz, 21 inches long. My big boy. He came into this world the wrong way up and has spent the majority of his life causing the same kind of trouble. Ok, maybe not. Sometimes it seems that way though. He was a very healthy baby and still is a very healthy little boy.

He had always been a really easy kid. He started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old and never looked back. He hardly ever cries and is happy hanging out with who ever is around. Even his tantrums are pretty temporary and caused by specific things. The worst ones are when he is hungry. Skip a snack and he grows horns. No kidding. Not to say he never pushed buttons though. He is two after all.

D has always been a pretty slick kid. He always hits the milestones early. The physical milestones were the most pronounced. Maybe it was because he was big. Maybe he just did. He sat early, he crawled early, he walked early. He has always been baby on the go, go, go. He loves to climb. In fact, he could climb before he could walk. When I say climb, I don't mean up on the couch, I mean up on dressers at ten months and over baby gates by twelve months. Now, there is not a single place in our house that he can't get into. I wonder sometimes if maybe he really is part monkey or something. Only he has no tail. The only place he never really seemed interested in climbing was out of his crib. Kid loves sleep though so it kind of makes sense. He is the kid that other kids follow around the playground and park because he knows how to get on top of things and turn things on and just generally knows how to have a good time. Good now, trouble coming in the teens.

He has also always been a little entertainer. He loves for people to look at him and talk to him. Most of all laugh at him. Little guy has an awesome sense of humor. He is not a shy kid at ALL either. He knows no strangers which is good and kind of scary at the same time. He is funny now that he is talking better too. He has figured out how to get attention that way when his cute act doesn't work. My little prince charming.

So, thats my D. I'll spare you any more bragging for now but that is him in a nutshell.

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