Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, sort of. Here is Georgia we very rarely get extreme weather one way or the other. Not much snow. Not much sweltering. Which is good but I spent some years in Kansas as a child and I love the snow! I have no patience for cold without snow. It just seems senseless and mean.

Today though, we got a little. By a little I mean this:

Yeah, not much more than a dusting really. Still enough for D to be excited about though. He had a blast trying to catch the flakes on his tongue and running around in it. Him and his daddy went out late tonight to play again before it all melts too. Some day he and his brother will get to see real snow. In fact, its on the list. So sooner rather than later. Hopefully we won't have to travel to get to it but I am determined to do what it takes.


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