Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its official

The van is a "total loss". Let me tell you. That was a weird feeling, hearing that from the insurance lady today. I have been walking around in a daze of sorts since the accident happened but as soon as it was real, I really wasn't getting my van back, it all came crashing in on me. At mach speed. I was in a wreck. A bad one. I could have been seriously hurt. My KIDS could have been hurt. What are we going to do about a car now? Why? Why us? Why didn't she look? She could have saved us both so much grief. Does she realize what could have happened? What I would have gone through if she had hurt my babies?

So, yeah. Massive panic attack. It was due though. I guess I was lucky it stayed off as long as it did.

We did some looking at "new" vans today. Just so we could have a ballpark of how much we were going to need from the insurance settlement and such. Its going to be interesting trying to get everything done by the time we have to get the rental back. We have to get all of the paperwork together to show how much we had put into that van last year. Then we meet with the claims people Thursday so wish us luck!

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