Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mayan Medallion Exhibit at Children's Museum of Atlanta!

Last weekend we packed up the three musketeers and headed to the Children's Museum of Atlanta to check out their newest exhibit: Mayan Medallion. Now, I am probably dating myself horribly here but when I first heard the name of the exhibit, my mind went back to the glory days of the show Legends of the Hidden Temple. You remember the game show with the giant stone face (Olmec) and different physical and mental challenges? Yeah, it was my favorite.

Of course, the Mayan Medallion exhibit was a blast too! Based in an archaeological dig site in Palenque, Mexico, you are recruited to help find a priceless jade medallion. The original team left behind valuable information in the archaeology, biology and astromathematics field stations that they constructed. Student Archeologists must uncover the mystery of the dig site and find the priceless treasure.

My bigger two boys had a blast checking out all of the different "tents" set up for them to explore.

The archaeology tent had different ways for them to learn the science and work behind the profession of archaeology. The observatory had a puzzle of sorts for them to learn about Mayan symbolism. The astromathematics tent helped them learn how the Mayans kept time. Last but not least the biology tent had stations for them to examine all kinds of bugs and critters from the Mayan jungle!

We spent a good hour discovering and learning lots of things about the Mayan culture. The hieroglyphics station was my personal favorite but I think the boys like looking up close at the bugs!

Of course while we were there we spend some time exploring the rest of the museum as well. The sand table, painting station, and climbing tower were the biggest hits for us but there is so much more to explore! Truely a wonderful place for kids to go to learn, play, and explore!

Located at 275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, the Children's Museum of Atlanta will have the Mayan Medallion exhibit on display now until May 31st, 2016. You can buy tickets upon arrival but in order to skip the line, I would highly recommend buying tickets online!

Have you checked out the Children's Museum of Atlanta? What was your favorite part?

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