Monday, October 13, 2014

Virgin Wireless Custom "Make it Yours"

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Sprint. I received a device to facilitate my review.

Its crazy to think that 15 years ago cell phones were a commodity. Not something that every one had or even really wanted to have. Who wanted to be reachable 24/7?? 

Flash forward to 2014 and cell phones arent just an accessory,  they are a necessity! We are on the go more and more and being able to stay in touch with our families and friends has become much easier than it ever has been. The problem is there are so many options out there it can really make your head spin!

One of the options that people are turning to more and more is prepaid wireless. Prepaid offers no contracts and no commitment to a phone or carrier which is a win in any book! The new Custom line from Virgin wireless, allows you to customize your plan as needed, even during the service month!

Not needing as many minutes but need more data than you had planned for? Custom makes it super easy to transfer the money to a different area, making it truely their most versatile phone service available! 

Custom also offers unlimited music streaming for only $5/ month, plus unlimited social media, unlimited youtube, and others as add on services for a very low price.

Custom is really ideal for the preteen and teen crowd also because of the parental control built in. You can choose to shut down certain areas like Facebook or texting during certain hours or you can set it to only allow apps to be available for certain amounts of time! No more teens texting all night and sleeping during class!

There are three phones available on the Virgin Custom plan and they are sold exclusively at Walmart. I received the LG Pulse to try out and its an impressive little machine! It feature Gorilla Glass (hello durability!) and a 5mp camera for all those Instagram moments.

Have you made the switch to Prepaid wireless? What do you think of Virgin's Custom plans?

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