Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Boy Brag

Holy cow, its already March! When did that happen?? Of course with March weather, comes D's favorite pastime. Baseball! This year has been no exception. We started practice what feels like forever ago but the insane Georgia weather this year put off several weeks of it because of snow and ice and cold. 

He has spent, in true D style, a lot of time observing all of the other kids styles and field habits. He wants to know it all before he goes full out. Still, for his very first year of coach pitch, he is rocking it. He had his first game this past weekend and he hit his very first home run! I'm talking smacked the ball like a pro, took off, and didn't stop until he and all three kids in front of him on the bases had crossed home plate. 

The look of pride and joy on that little boy's face as he strutted back to the dug out was completely priceless. I went over to the fence at the dugout to get a kiss and he exclaimed "Did you see that??". 

I did baby. I did and it has made me smile for days. 

Unfortunately, they did end up losing the actual game 16-18. Only by two points though and my big boy scored 4 of those in one swing! Of course, that meant he got to come home with the most coveted of little boy trophy's, the very first game ball of the season. 

Oh, how I love this little man. 

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