Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shelf Safe Milk: A Mama's Best Secret Weapon #MilkUnleashed

With two growing boys, milk is a big part of my family's diet. We go through several gallons of milk a week easy and its the one thing we have to "emergency run" to the grocery store for every time. Now though, we have discovered the next best thing to that option. Have you heard of shelf safe milk? Its perfect because we can easily keep milk on hand for a longer period without worry.

Shelf safe milk is considered ultra high temperature pasteurized milk (over 280 degrees Fahrenheit vs 180 for regular pasteurization) that is packaged in an eco friendly Tetra Pak carton. This means that it can be stored on the pantry shelf, at room temperature, for much longer than refrigerated milk. No fancy additives or dangerous preservatives need be added. Of course you can get shelf safe milk in flavors like chocolate or strawberry though.

The best part for me, and what I mentioned earlier is that shelf safe milk does not require refrigeration until the packaging is opened. Seriously. You can keep healthy, great tasting back up milk in your pantry. Just open and use when needed. In general shelf safe milk can be stored for around six months! (Always check your expiration dates!)

The tetra packs come in a variety of sizes perfect for lunches, camping and of course your purse or diaper bag as a back up! I have used them in the past as ice packs for the cooler even. Freeze them the night before and by lunch time the next day, the contents of your cooler are cold and your milk is the perfect temperature for drinking!

Ready to learn more about Milk Unleashed? Check out the Milk unleashed website in English or French and be sure tolike them on Facebook to learn more great ways shelf safe milk can benefit your family!

*This post is brought to you by Milk Unleashed and The Motherhood. All opinions are – as always – honest and my own.

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