Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain in Atlanta this year has been absolutely unreal. Its almost gotten to the point where I may have forgotten what it is like to not have it rain for 24 hours. Completely ridiculous. It does this constantly.

If that did give you and idea here is a more blatant case in point:
  • The usual rainfall in Atlanta for the month of June over the last 5 years: 2.5 inches.
  • The rainfall recorded for Atlanta in June 2013 alone: 9.6 inches.
It's coming a flood! That's almost 4 times the rain average. I feel like we are floating away and July, so far, has seemed worse than June as far as rainfall. 

Of course that also means two things for us. The mosquitoes are ridiculously large and are coming in ridiculous quantities. I have seem more mosquito swarms this year than  I can ever remember. You can't step outside and not get bitten all over. Usually the mosquitoes don't even bother me, but this year they are out for what ever they can get. My poor, sweet tasting Monster is getting eaten alive this year.  It really surprised me to hear the other day that we are just now having our first West Nile virus case in Georgia with in the last week. Those little buggers are angry this year. 

All the rain also means we have had really great air quality this year too though. We haven't had a smog alert in 2013 at all yet and that is almost unheard of. I'd love to say that we could tell a difference in the air quality but between the rain and the mosquitoes we are never outside long enough to actually breathe very much. Sad but true. We also moved a mattress

I am hoping that all this cooler weather and rain will mean we will actually have a cold winter this year though. Maybe some good snow? Too much to ask from you Georgia? Probably. Last year we totally got jipped on the Winter front. It was warm til Christmas and we only really had a few days where we needed a coat of any kind. 

Its okay though. We have had some awesome sunny beach days and we have learned to just make the best of the rainy days. This weekend we went to White Water. In the rain. Where we got wet on top of our wet. No harm, no foul. This time.

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