Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! #Braves

We were provided tickets to attend a home Braves game! The boys and I had a blast hanging out, eating peanuts and doing the Tomahawk Chop. As soon as we got to the stadium, D was excited. He remembered coming here last year and was super excited about getting to see the whole game this year since it had rained so hard the year before

D actually enjoyed watching the players play and run the bases. He was much more into the game this year than he has been in the years past. 

Of course, we did a fair amount of just goofing off too. 

K was not as enamored by the game but he enjoyed eating peanuts and drinking his special ball game juice (Capri Sun). He did a little playing on my tablet and a little pestering all the people around us too. True littles style. 

We had great seats and had an awesome view of the diamond and all the crazy fans. Turner field is always gorgeous. One of the highlights for the boys is always the huge screen at the end of the field. They love watching other fans up on the big screen and playing along with the ball cap shuffle game. 

Of course we ended our night watching the always cool fireworks show from our seats and then we headed home for a good nights rest. We were all exhausted but it was well worth it! 

D's favorite new "dance", the Tomahawk Chop. 

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