Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peet's #GiveACup Wants Your Opinion!

If you have ever had the pleasure of tasting Peet’s coffees, you know how uncompromising they are when it comes to flavor. The single cup is no compromise! When they started working on their Single Cup, they insisted on getting the ratio just right and you can definitely taste the difference.

Now, in the internet's first official social sampling experiment, Peet's coffee wants to know what you "Give a Cup" about! Say what? Peet's coffee is using your votes to determine where they host their sampling events each week. Give a Cup about kale? Maybe they’ll show up at a farmer’s market. Don’t give a cup about kale? See you at the chocolate store down the street. It’s up to you and America to decide where they go so vote, share, and participate in the social sampling experiment!

Today they are asking if you give a cup about zombies for their trip to Chicago. Personally, I give a big cup about zombies. All that walking dead, trying to eat my brains? So not cool. So of course, I voted that I most definitely give a cup about zombies. We will see where that leads the sampling truck!

Ready to participate in this social media coffee extravaganza?
  1. Go to Peet's Give A Cup page
  2. Vote on a topic weekly-they are silly and fun
  3. Your vote determines where the next stop will be
  4. See the schedule of tours 
Click, clack, done! The campaign runs from June 19th- July 25th and will most likely be coming to a city near you sometime soon, so join in the action and show what you and your city, gives a cup about!

*Disclosure: Images and value provided by our partner, Peet's. This is a sponsored post and I was compensated. All opinions on coffee and zombies share remain my own. Zombies are scary y'all.*

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