Monday, June 24, 2013

Exhaustion Sets In

Its that time of year.  The beginning of the hottest weather and the point at which school has been out long enough that the kids are ready for a break from each other. Which is always a fun mixture, no? Of course that means we have been spending a lot of time either at the pool or one of the splash pads around the area which only compounds the exhaustion but in a good way. Meaning we are all sleeping like logs. My mother always said an exhausted kid is a happy kid.

In the mean time, the school year is sneaking up on us at an alarming rate. Which, for those keeping track, means that its almost time for D start Kindergarten. Ensue parental freak out. I am so not ready for my little man to start big kid school. It was just yesterday he learned how to walk, right?  I may be just a little bitter still that I won't be homeschooling him like I had planned to do since he was born, but at this point I can't do anything but put my trust in him and his future teachers and be his back up team if anyone crosses him. Don't poke the mama bear public schools! 

I know he is ready though. Maybe not ready for the total life change he is about to undergo with the new schedule and having to get up before dawn. I do know that he is ready for the learning and the friends and the adventure. He is ready to spread his little wings and take off into what is going to quickly turn into adulthood. Too quickly I'm afraid. 

Littles will be going to big kid pre-k this fall too and I am oh so nervous about that. He is oh so smart and intelligent but he is also a big time Mama's boy. I hate to see him have to develop a thicker skin but he will have to. Or so I'm afraid. There again, mama bear steps in. I have that overwhelming need to protect them from the world. It will all be ok. Right? Breathe. 

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that 2013 is halfway gone already. It seems to me like this year is going at an alarmingly fast rate. Its not even that it has been a bad year either. So far, its actually been the kind of year that the boys and I so desperately needed. Easy and relaxed with new friends to help us all along the way. Its just crazy that its already time to start thinking about their birthdays and what to do for a party. Especially with the craziness that school is going to bring. Might as well go ahead and get that part settled now so I am not freaking out last second. 

So, here's to summer. All of its craziness and hectic fun has to last a whole year this time. Might as well spend it the best way a kid knows how: Exhausted. 

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