Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Stay at @SheratonAtlanta #ExpATL

So, last Friday I told you that over the weekend we would be having a very rare "staycation" here in Atlanta. Just hanging around and seeing the sights and hanging out with some other amazing Atlanta Bloggers. Long story short: We had a blast! More on that another time though.

(Image via Sheraton)
I also told you about that we were being hosted for the weekend by the Sheraton Atlanta but what even I didn't realize was just how amazing this place is! First, let me preface this by saying that, even though they put us up for the weekend for free, but that definitely did not affect my opinion. I am posting about it because I was seriously blown away.

I have vacationed in Atlanta for more years than I have lived in Atlanta and stayed all over the city at various times/ ages/ situations.  We also did a lot of moving around and travelling when I was still a single, kid free lady. Needless to say though, I have stayed in the fancy schmancy and the not quite so appealing.

The Sheraton though, was by far the cleanest hotel I have stayed in probably ever. Seriously. We all know that hotels can kind of seem icky even when they appear clean on the surface. Thing is though, you can see the clean here. They take the time to protect their investment and their reputation and it shows. With 763 recently renovated guest room accommodations and suites, the difference seriously shows.

The staff was by far the most welcoming and knowledgeable and went out of their way to make sure that the boys were comfortable and having fun. The concierge even remembered to bring my boys oranges as a treat when she came in to work the second day because K had said he loved them.

Of course there were also the amenities  which I have always called the "bonus features". The amenities at the Sheraton Atlanta were well tended and not over run by wild children. Of course the boys' favorite was the gorgeous indoor pool that our room overlooked. I could have sat there the whole weekend and watched them jump in and out of that pool, listening to the fountains and relaxing under the banana trees. My D was so completely excited about the pool I didn't think he would sleep but he had played so hard and swam so fiercely that he was out within 5 minutes of laying down both nights.

Speaking of sleep, you have not slept well until you have slept on one of their Sweet Sleeper Beds. Oh my heavenly comfortable sleep. Its always hard for me to get out of bed but this was the kind of bed you sink into and it forms around you. I haven't slept so hard my face hurt in a long time but I so did this weekend. I do did and so did my children! Bliss.

So, long story short, the hotel was the highlight of our weekend. If you are looking to make a trip to Atlanta (which you should) or thinking about doing a staycation like us (also amazing), definitely try to stay at the Sheraton Atlanta. Its a trip you definitely won't regret.

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