Monday, January 7, 2013


I just hired the fabulous Mrs. Holly to help me revamp RMM and I have to admit, I might have had a huge panic attack about it. Not that I doubt her ability at all, I just hate change. Even when I know its for the better. Still, I know its time to fix her up and make her pretty again. As much as I love the bright red and pretty flowers, I have done so many self tweaks to this design that it has almost given up one me.

The last straw was last week when I tried to update the 2013 page and it gave out. I just don't have the energy to fix it again either so you'll notice its still sad face up there.

Still, Blogger is my stride and you won't be seeing any changes there any time soon. Sorry mommy-blogger-mafia, not my thing. Don't laugh, they know who they are.

At any rate, Some things will be switching up around here in the next little bit so hang tight and I will post again when everything is new and shiney again. In the mean time, hold me...

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