Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Own Kind of Winter Wonderland

I have said over and over that Atlanta has the craziest weather patterns and this time of year is no exception. Every year it finally cools off a little in December and everyone rushes to pull out their winter coats and heavy sweaters, in theory preparing for the long harsh winter ahead. By January though, we are all back in t shirts and everyone is crying on Facebook about "where did winter go?".

Thing is, it happens every year. At least every year that I have been an Atlantan. Every year we get a crazy 70-80 degree week or two in the middle of January and every one freaks out and cries about how its going to be the hottest summer evar. They all rush to the store to start buying some new Spring clothes and flip flops and I have even heard a few people this year saying they are packing up their winter coats already.

Then, it hits us again. The 20s come sneaking back over night and smack us in the face yelling psych and every one looks a fool. Again. Every year.

This year has been no exception. It was 75 over last weekend and they are saying it will be somewhere close to 60 this coming weekend. Granted though, it does seem to be lasting a little longer than usual. This past weekend was actually the warmest on record for over a hundred years for this time of year. Which we took advantage of and spent the whole day playing outside and visiting as many parks as we could.

Still, soon we will wake up one morning and everything will be covered in frost and our car doors will be frozen shut from the lingering humidity. Who knows, maybe we will even get some snow this year. I would love for it snow a little so that I take the boys out to sled in the snow. K was rather disappointed when it didn't snow on Christmas this year like he thought it was going to. Not sure why he thought that considering its only snowed on Christmas once in the 14 years I've lived here and even that was just a dusting.

So now we wait I suppose. To see when actual winter will come and freeze us all in our tracks. Especially those crazies that are putting away their winter coats. I will wait with fingers crossed and dreams of snow.

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