Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its Thursday. Again.

For some reason, Thursday is always a hard day for me. Its the day that the world just seems to fall apart around me.

Monday I am fresh from the weekend. The night before I have the boys bags packed for school and usually in their car seats along with whatever myriad of coats and accouterments they will require for the day at preschool.  I get up, have my coffee, I get things done, I have energy, I have a plan. A plan to get certain things done. A menu plan carefully listed and honed down to snacks and times for the whole week.

Tuesday I usually don't do anything but finish the tasks I had planned for Monday that I inevitably didn't get done. Still, I wake up, have my coffee, follow the meal plan, and do my motherly duties with out fail.

Wednesday I usually get a little burst of steam. The week is half over! Yay! Coffee, preschool, chores, errands, rinse, wash, repeat.

Then the Thursdays hit. I'm tired. I usually forget my coffee in a last second rush to leave the house to get the boys to school. We leave the house getting dressed on the way to the car. Someone is usually crying. Usually me. My hair looks like a rats nest, I'm in my jammies, my phone is ringing incessantly. You get the idea. Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong on Thursday. Every Thursday night, I crash into bed an hour before normal time and pass out like a sack of logs.

Maybe its just the stress from the rest of the week. Maybe its because I try to do too much myself during the week (not that I have much of a choice). Maybe its the impending weekend making me weak. I have never figured it out really but without fail, Thursday is always a mess.

By Friday morning though, I am up and back at it. One more day til the weekend. I assume an I can do this attitude and somehow, hold it together until the weekend comes to bear sweet relief to us all.

Help me figure out how to beat the Thursdays! Do you have a day of the week that is harder than the others?

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