Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Life Re-Group

Well, its over! Christmas 2012 is over. No Apocalypse, no crazy snow storms (for us), no drama. It was bliss! My boys were spoiled beyond belief and have had a riot playing with all their new toys. The family that assembled had even more fun hanging out eating ham and cookies until we could hold no more.

Now though, its over and all we have to look forward to is New Years. Then? Its January. Just January. The bleak, depressing, shadow of a month that leaves us all in detox mode. Its time to start diets and hobbies that probably won't see warm weather. Its time to face the music that absolutely nothing interesting is bound to happen at least for a few months.

Of course, I kind of enjoy it. Its a time to relax and regroup before Spring hits and all the crazy comes rushing back like a waterfall.

Its also a time to get caught up on some bills and get a little savings built up for a vacation. Start getting all your ducks in a row. Something that is top on my list is to invest in life insurance for myself and the boys. Its something that will cost me very little but in the event that something horrible should happen, I know that my boys will be better off.

I guess its pretty morbid to think about it this time of year but especially with all the crazy things that you hear about in the news, plus being a single parent, I want to be sure my boys would be "off the hook" as far as any debt or funeral expenses I leave behind.

Of course it isn't as easy to just go buy life insurance as I might think but hopefully I will be able to find a plan that will work for me in the long run.

*This post is included with information provided by Genworth Financial. All thoughts, opinions, and neuroses are my own.

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