Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Ahead on the Christmas Crafties

This year, I am going to do my best to make most of the gifts I am giving for Christmas. Partly because I be the poor, but also because I want the people in my life to have something that was made by me, for just them. You can't buy those kinds of memories.

Here is the kicker though, I can't knit or crochet because of my arthritis, I suck at drawing, and my sewing machine is broken. So what did I do?

You guessed it, I turned to the all powerful Pinterest.

At first I was mostly finding things that were more geared towards decorating. Pinterest has 8 million tutorials on how to cover everything in your house with glitter. In case you were wondering how to make your world a glittery, sparkley mess by January 1st. Not my style. Also, not what I was looking for.
Eventually though, I did come across a few boards and users that had things that were more giftable. A lot of the things that I liked the most were super easy too but I had to pare down where to start. The very beginning.
Sorry, this isn't included.

The most logical place to start was the bath kits that I want to make for all of my girlfriends but of course I am sort of dumb a glutton for punishment and decided to start over on those and make some cold and flu season type baskets to give people. Weird? Maybe. Seriously though, who wouldn't love to have some homemade goodies sitting around when it hits you like a brick in a glass house? Practicality here people.

So, I gathered a couple of baskets from the dollar store and whipped up a batch of sore throat suckers, whiskey rose cough syrup, and (knock off) Vicks shower disks. To that, I added some tissues and a can of chicken noodle soup. Add a pretty bow and voila!

After I got done with those, I took to making a very special something for my sister but I can't tell you about that until after Christmas. Lets just say though, its a labor of love.

For the boys, I am going to take the letters I have written them for their birthdays and start a binder. Not something they will appreciate right now really but it will be something for them to keep and for me to add to every year.

My mother is going to be a little trickier. I am thinking I will try to make her some jewelry but haven't come across anything particularly her yet. I may just have to hit up Joanne's and see what happens.

Have you gotten started on your Christmas list this yet? Do you prefer to make gifts or buys them?

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