Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Comes to Georgia

Georgia has a particularly short Fall season. Heck, it as a particularly short every season. Except Summer. It just goes on and on and on. It goes from being a hundred billion degrees in September to the mid 70s/80s through October and November and then sometime right before Christmas (and sometimes as late as New Years) BAM its freakin' cold! Our kids usually have to wear short sleeved costumes for Halloween. Its sad.

This year, we have gotten a little colder weather sooner than usual and to say I am loving it is a total understatement. Of course, when I say its been cooler, I mean in the 60s instead of the 80s. Which is still pretty hot compared to much of my Northern dwelling friends and family who are usually seeing their first snow of the season already. Snow is a lost art in the South.

Needless to say, we have spent as much time outside as possible. Raking up and jumping in the Fall leaves over and over, going to pumpkin patches, and spending hours at the playgrounds, soaking up the fresh, Fall air.

This kind of weather is refreshing to the soul that was sweating only a couple of weeks ago. The sky is clear and the air smells like fire and warm earth and settling. Its that perfect blend of cool mornings, mild afternoons, and cider sipping evenings that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am partial to the colors that Fall brings with it too of course. The bright oranges, reds, and browns. Everything is alive with color in a different way than it has been for the last forever of months.

Plus, there is the color that comes inside. Most of my house is decorated for Fall where some people (like my mother) would go all out for Christmas. I love to pull out the spooky Halloween decor and then trade it in for more pumpkins and foliage and amazing smelling candles. This year I even decorated our new front door for the occasion.

Like I said, usually we don't get much of a season change. We get robbed of my favorite time of year. This year has definitely been an exception of sorts and I am soaking it up hardcore.

What about you? What is your favorite season? Do you get much of a Fall season where you live?

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