Friday, October 5, 2012

My Very Own Boys Choir

My boys love to sing. They always have. D has always been more of an animated singer than K but K has been better at memorizing lyrics from a younger age than D. At any rate, I decided to share some of my favorite songs I have been lucky enough to catch on tape over the last year. Usually when they see the camera coming, they either stop singing, run away, or start acting like little weirdos so thats just kind of the way the cookie crumbles.

This one is actually a little more than a year old. My D has such a sweet little singing voice. This video makes me just want to kiss his little face all over.

This one is very blurry and not the best quality but its my little monster singing our goodnight song with me. We sing it every night and he always sings with me. I love it.

This is K's most recent favorite song. the theme to the Disney Show Little Einteins. He sings it over and over and over until you want to scream but its so stinking cute that you can't.

Then there is D's most recent. He learned it at preschool complete with hand motions and I can't get enough. Of course he may be a little bit confused about who George is and why we should be glad about it but hey, still freaking adorable.

 Gah, my kids are cute. Right??

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