Friday, September 28, 2012

Toddler- isms

Kids are awesome. All kids. I have been a kid person pretty much all my life. I started working in a childcare setting when I was 14 at my parent's church's summer camp. Once I was of a legal age to work, I actually got paid to work with kids. Since then, I have done a little bit of it all. A little private preschool, I spent some time in the daycare circuit, a few years in a local elementary school, and most recently, I was a nanny. I loved all of them but of course my favorite was the nanny job.

After spending so much time with littles and then having littles of my own, I have heard it all. Weird rash? Odds are, I know what its from. Cranky kid? I can help. Its not an ego thing, its a practiced thing. I'm not one of those know it all women thats gonna tell you unless you ask either. Still, between my mother and I we have heard*, seen, and cleaned up pretty much everything you can imagine.

The ones with the most hilarity surrounding the things they say though, tend to be the toddlers. They have a whole new take on life and they have so much to say but sometimes it gets a little confused on the way out. They mix up words or say things that are just a tad inappropriate. The word beach springs to mind. If you little one has never said beach in an inappropriate manner, ask your mommy friends about how much fun that one is to be screamed in public.

My K is no exception. He has always been a talker and sometimes he says things that make you wonder about his sanity or things that make you laugh like its the funniest thing ever. Sometimes its just a slight mispronunciation, sometimes its an invented word. Whatever it is, it always leads to hilarity of some sort when he starts on a tangent about something.

D had a few doozies on his own though. He has never been afraid to try big words. The best part is that he usually has no idea what those words mean. If he didn't know a word, he would just make one up in place of what ever he was describing. That makes things very interesting.

Silly Monster
Here are a few of my favorites from my boys. See if you can decipher the difference:

"Washin' Ma-cleaner": Washing machine/ Dishwasher

"Orange buttlope": Cantaloupe

"Look mama! Whores!": Look mama! A horse!

"I wudge you": I love you. (Can not but can not make myself correct this one. Too flipping sweet.)

"Grass polished-er": Lawn mower (I have been told this is from some show or another but I can't remember which and I can't figure out why this is easier to say/ remember than lawn mower.)

What are some of the silly, funny things your kids have said?

 *If there is ever any doubt in your mind, you kid totally does tell his preschool teacher all of the intimate details of his home life. Just FYI.

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