Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tune in Tuesday

Nic + Bean

A very good friend of mine started up a new weekly link up called "Tune in Tuesdays". Those of you who have been around awhile remember the Music Mondays days around here and this is the same premise. A song you love to share with the group. 

A friend of mine posted this song for me a few months ago and its become a kind of mantra for me. I am not usually a big fan of country music. Even though I'm from the South and apparently everyone that has ever crossed the Mason-Dixon is supposed to (insert *eyeroll*). Its not really a secret at this point that I have lost the love I loved most to greener pastures. Its been a rough ride for me emotionally. Up and down, okay then so not. Still, everything I do, every minute I go without breaking down or every new thing I do without hesitation, I get a little bit stronger.

Maybe someday, I'll understand. Someday, it won't hurt so bad. Someday, I will look back and be nostalgic. Someday.

Until then, I look for the ways I am getting stronger. Forward not back.

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