Friday, August 10, 2012

Mama Gets a Haircut

I have spoken here about my hair before. Its thick, its curly, its terribly unruly. At least it used to be but then my eyes used to be blue too and are now a bright green color. What happened? I had babies. Well, babies on top of tons and tons of stress. I can't solely blame this on them when in all reality stress has been much more life changing than having the boys lately.

Still, what ever the reason, my hair started falling out in literal handfuls after I gave birth to K. It did a little after D but this was a whole new ball game of hair loss. The thing was, it wasn't even just breaking off like it used to do when it was too dry. It was falling out of my head. Root and all. By the handful. No matter what I tried, it just kept coming. Its just kept getting thinner and thinner. The texure changed too. Its much more wavy than curly these days.

Seeing as how I don't want to add baldness to my already amazingly sad list of sexy traits, I turned to a "stylist" to help me figure out what to do. Unfortunately, given my current money situation, by "stylist" I really mean "beauty college student" which scared me to death. Doing the best with what I've got though, I made the appointment and only slightly freaked out on the drive over. $5 haircut here I go!

When I got there, the girl at the front desk tried to reassure me that everything was good and they were "close to pros". She promised that if they hacked my hair into an unrecognizable shape, they wouldn't charge me the $5. Its "policy". So, uh, not very reassuring that they have had to  do this enough to have a policy in place about it but hey, I was already there.

I sat down in the chair and a group of students decended on me like vultures on fresh roadkill. They were all examining my hair and face and such, saying things like "oh wow, look at all that breakage" and "girl, how long has it been like this?".

So, yeah. We all agreed it need to me cut. A lot.

I told them not to go any shorter than my chin and showed them a picture of Jessica Alba of all people, telling them that was the look I was going for.

Before I could change my mind, a tall, blonde woman got to work on me.
Not more than 5 minutes later, I was done. Not kidding. Hair and scissors were going everywhere for a few minutes and at some point she asked if I wanted swoopy bangs like the picture to which I just blankly stared at myself in the mirror and she apparently took that as a yes. Bangs it was.

So here it is, the new do. Its short, its new, and its lovely. Or so I think. It is at the very least, a lot cooler and more versatile.    
What do you think? Fancy, right? Look who is turning ino a grown up!  

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