Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Bob. Just Bob.

This is Bob:

Bob is a retired Greyhound formerly known as Bob's Stay. We decided to stick with Bob. Just Bob. It suits him.

Bob is a big boy. Big even as a Greyhound.

He is the most gentle dog I have ever seen. A true gentle giant.

Bob is also lazy. 

Very Lazy.

He has quickly become a big part of our family though. You can't look at his sweet face and not fall in love.

Bob came to us from the races in Birmingham, Alabama by a rescue organization called Southeastern Greyhound Club (aka SEGA). I found them through one of my close friends (Thanks, Lisa!). You can read more about Greyhounds and why they make such amazing pets on her blog and "meet" Bob's buddy Ari. 

If you are thinking of getting a dog, please adopt. I highly suggest a Greyhound but if they are not suited to your situation, try your local animal shelter. There are so many loving animals out there that just need that second chance.

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