Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Halloween Mart: Its Never Too Early!

For the last three years, D has worn the same Halloween costume. Its battered and torn but he still loves it and talks about wanting to wear it again this year. I, however, am determined to get him into something new, that actually fits him, for Halloween this year so I started my search for costumes early!

That is where Halloween Mart comes in. They have an endless selection of Halloween and everyday costumes. Ranging from the typcial hippie adult Halloween costumes to the most amazingly adorable baby costumes, they have something that fits every budget! My personal favorite and the one that I am hoping that D will agree to for this year has to be the "Ahoy Matey Pirates Costume" because "oh my, this would just be the cutest thing on him. You have to love the detail in the costume for the low price too!

In addition to Halloween costumes, Halloween Mart carries a variety of club wear for those that like to party or just light themselves up a little. They carry everything from wigs to flashy clothing and jewelry for anything from Carnival to the night time clubbing scene.

Halloween Mart also carries a wide variety of super cool Halloween decor. Big or small, cute or creepy, they have something for every nook and cranny. I am a huge Halloween decorator, so I was super excited to see that they carried so much. Talk about a one stop shop!

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