Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 New, Simple Uses for 5 Desk Items You Already Own

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you 5 Simple Uses for 5 Kitchen Utensils You Already Own. People seemed to really enjoy it and I know that I enjoyed thinking of new uses for ordinary items. So, of course, that brings us to today's "new uses" list! This one was a tad bit harder to thing up but in the end, I am excited about all of the recycling possibilities!

Paper Clips:
  • Bra strap holder. You can join your straps in the back for a T neck or even make the band just a teeny bit bigger. Not ideal but works in a pinch.
  • Use a bigger one to clean out the bath tub drain. Just be prepared for the gross that is going to come out of there.
  • Replace the zipper pull on a broken zipper. Not particularly attractive maybe but it works!
  • Book page marker. Duh, right? You can add some pretty ribbon too to make it less utilitarian. 
  • Place a paper clip at both ends of a roll of wrapping paper to keep it from unrolling when not in use.
Binder Clips

  • Chip bag closer to keep your chips from going stale/ keeping the office rat out.
  • Bundle cables together to make your desk, or your TV stand, a little more tidy.
  • A small, portable wallet. Just clip any cash or credit cards with your ID and the loop your car or house key through the little handles. 
  • Clip a group of matching cloth napkins or linens together. That wayyou are never searching for that one pillowcase.
  • Picture holder. Simple enough, just slide your picture between the little handles and display where ever.
  • Use clear tape to label things that you might need to relabel later. For example, I use it for my kids sippy cups when they are at school. 
  • Use electrical tape in bright colors to decorate your child's furniture or even a vase. Brighten up or black out anything it will stick to. Which is pretty much anything...
  • Use double sided tape to keep your blouse or belt tail in check. Just apply a strip where you need to be sure nothing goes awry.
  • Use opaque tape to label cords so you aren't searching for the right end every time. Perfect for the back of the TV or computer.
  • Slide a pice of regular or double stick tape between the keys on your keyboard for a quick, crumb catching dust.
  • Use the eraser off the end as an emergency earring back. Lets face it, we lose those things more than we'd like.
  • Glue the eraser to the back of a picture frame to prevent nasty scratches on your wall.
  • Rub the writing end on a stuck zipper to help release the teeth. 
  • Stop a key from sticking in your lock by rubbing both sides with the writing end of a pencil to lubricate it well. Graphite is an excellent lubricant.
  • Use two (or more) as a quick way to restrain your crazy hair day. Twist hair into a bun and skewer or come up with your own funky version.
Shredded Waste Paper (Not glossy newspaper!)
  • Per bedding for small pets. Perfect for a hampster or bird cage.
  • Use it pad and pack your breakables. It can be your Christmas ornaments or your finest china.
  • Weed guard in your garden. The shredded paper will shade the roots of your plants and act as a weed barrier to rival the more expensive, garden store variety. Plus, compost!
  • Paper mache your little heart out. Mix a little white glue with some water and make something fun!
  • Dry paper makes the perfect kindling for a fire. Of course you should use caution but twist a bunch into a "log" and use it to kickstart a stove or fireplace. 
How many of these have you used yourself? Have you ever used a desk item for something other than what its intended for? I think I may have to invest in a new paper shredder myself.. 

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