Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LISTERINE® Healthy Habits For A Lifetime Oral Care Challenge!

We all strive to adopt healthy behaviors in our everyday lives, right? To try to take care of ourselves and our children in order to feel and be well? I know that we, as a family, try to everything we can to take care of our bodies in order to continue living life to its fullest. It helps maintain our vitality and our sense of happiness when we are feeling our best. 

One of the things that people to take for granted most though, is there dental health. Dental health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Did you know that there can be more germs in our mouth than there are people on earth? Gross! Many people don’t realize that brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth! Plus, nearly 75% of American adults suffer from various forms of gum disease and don’t know it – brushing with the REACH® TOTAL CARE Multi-Action Toothbrush removes up to 90% of plaque for a superior whole-mouth clean to help you on your way a healthier mouth. That is a whole lot of clean, people!

Just a few minutes a day for your mouth can help you establish healthy habits for a lifetime – adding a 30-second rinse, like LISTERINE® Antiseptic, twice a day, can help to provide 24-hour protection against germs that cause plaque and gingivitis. Who doesn't have 30 seconds to spare in order to take care better of themselves? If you don't, it might be time to rethink your time management!

For the LISTERINE® Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge, my family is beginning a renewed commitment to our oral health. We will be flossing, brushing, and rinsing our little hearts out and keeping track with a handy dandy chart in order to keep ourselves in line. My kids have always been really good about keeping their own teeth brushed and flossed (with a little help from mama of course). D is super good about remembering to rinse and spit too but K needs a little more practice in that department. 

To help us out with our challenge, we were sent a box of Reach and Listerine products to help us on our way (of course you can pick up your supplies with your next trip to your local Wal- Mart!). The boys were super excited to see a bottle of Phineas and Ferb Smart Rinse and brand new toothbrushes in our box to get them started on the right track. I was more excited about the bottle of Listerine Total Care Zero. I love my regular, burn your mouth Listerine but lets face it, sometimes it gets to be a bit much! The Total Care Zero has zero alcohol so you get zero burn!

For the next month, we are on a mission to keep everything moving in the right direction with our oral health! If you would like to join in and take the LISTERINE® Healthy Habits For A Lifetime Oral Care Challenge with us, you can get all the information you need on Wal-Mart's website. Jump right on in, join us and come back to check in on our progress!

Disclosure: I received products and compensation from Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood
as part of my participation in the Oral Care Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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