Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo Mojo #2: Days 3-9

Render Me Mama

Here we go! The second set of the Photo Mojo challenge! I hope you have decided to join me. If you are looking for the explanation on Photo Mojo, you can find the list HERE. Week one's pictures are HERE. Feel free to link up daily or weekly. When ever you post, come here to link up! I will be starting a new linky every Wednesday though so don't forget to come back!

Day 3: Your favorite time waster

Day 4: Something in Nature
This old tree has been completely hollowed out by termites where it stands.

Day 5: The Sunset
Full disclosure: This picture is from
last fall. We haven't seen the sun here
in so many days I am beginning to wonder if it still exists.

Day 6: Capture Bokeh

Day 7: Something very close (Macro)
Stack of quarters

Day 8: Your favorite food
Hard boiled eggs. I love them. Breakfast, lunch, snack. Mmm...

Day 9: Something in low light (long exposure)
Pitch black bathroom + glow sticks in the tub = lots of fun

Don't forget to let me know what you think and link up your pictures here! There aren't many of that I know of but I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's interpretations!

*This linky is for those participating in the Photo Mojo Challenge only! All others will be removed! If you have a post you would like me to visit, Please leave it in the comments! Thank you!

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