Thursday, December 8, 2011

Conversations With My Toddler

K has always been a vocal kind of kid. Always one to know how to get your attention even before he could talk. In fact, he said his first connected word at 6 months (Bruba) and hasn't stopped learning new words since. He was loud when he was a baby and is loud now. At least he can tell me what he needs and we can skip (for the most part) the "trying to figure out what he wants" tantrum and move right on into the "but I want now" tantrums. Hulk baby to the core after all.

Then there are the ones that just crack me up. As you can imagine, combining a talkative 2 year old with that toddler logic, makes for some interesting conversations.

Me: Monster where is your underwear? You have to at least wear underwear man.
K: Noooo! I don't want it! Is bitchy, mama.
Me: Bitchy? You mean its itchy?
K: Yes, mama, is titchy underwears.
Me: *finds and looks at K's underwear* K, why is your underwear full if glitter??
K: *comes running and looks in his glittery undies* Oh mama! Is so pretty underwears!.. and bitchy!
* Repeat times in

K: I wanna watch McQueen, Mama. I wanna watch McQueen, Mama. I wanna watch McQueen, Mama. I wanna watch McQueen, Mama. I wanna watch McQueen. IwannawatchMcQueenIwannawatchMcQueenIwannawatchMcQueen.
Me: Later.
K: Ok... I wanna watch Bues Cues, mama. I wanna watch Bues Cues, Mama. (Repeat times at least a billion)

K: *following me around the house whining* I want a cookie, Mama!
Me: Not right now, you just had one.
K: Cooooookie!!
Me: *looks at K* You have a cookie in your HAND monster.
K: *looks at hand with cookie in it* Thanks Mama!

K: Dis chicken is soooo goooooooood Mama!
Me: Good baby! I'm glad you like it!

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