Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Virus, A Flat Tire, and An Experiment

Today, has not been great as days go. It started off well enough. I actually slept for more than hour last night literally for the first time in a week. T took the boys out this morning and let me sleep in then put them down for nap before leaving for work. I got caught up on sleep and got a little break from kid duty. Not that I don't love them but let's face it, sometimes quiet is nice.

Then, I got up to do my NaBloPoMo duties before an event I was going to tonight, only to find that my computer was very angry. Very angry indeed. Somehow, a virus has snuck in past the myriad of protection programs and firewalls we have in place. Fabulous. After an hour of getting nowhere, I shut down and waited for T to get home. I am more computer savvy than he is about internet related things but he has much more patience to figure out how to get rid of a virus (that was mostly likely downloaded willing by him. Like I said, not net savvy.)

I got dressed, got the boys dropped off and headed to my event only to get halfway there and have my front driver side tire explode. The one we had just had replaced this week. Yay. I got to the shoulder fine and got to work taking the tire off but I could not, for the life of me get the stupid lug nuts off.

Now, I am not a damsel in distress kind if gal. I have always been a tomboy and pride myself on being able to fix cars and mechanical things with a quick and efficient manner. I have done everything from replace radiators to changing bulbs. In fact, three days before I gave birth to K, I changed a tire in 98 degree weather, in a dress, on my way to my midwife appointment.

So, me not being able to get the tire off was quite frustrating. I yelled and cursed at the tire. I jumped on the tire iron in my sexy heels. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Eventually I called AAA and they had to bring an air gun to loosen the nuts. Long story short, I won't be using that tire shop again any time soon.

At that point, I just headed home. I had missed the event and was dirty and cold. When I got there, I cursed at the computer, flopped down on the sofa and here I sit. Posting from my phone because I am too tired and frustrated to do anything else. So, if this looks crazy or is full of typos, my sincere apologies. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Anyone have any tips on ridding your computer of a virus?  

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