Friday, October 14, 2011

Dare to Dream

Last night, we got to attend the newest Disney on Ice, titled "Dare to Dream". We arrived early and got to do a meet and greet with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. D was all about getting to meet the characters from his most recent favorite movie but K was a little less thrilled. He was a little intimidated by the characters but he did give a good snuggle to my friend Sue after we took pictures. Silly monkey.

After that we did a cool crown craft and had some yummy snacks. D put his crown on,  pronounced himself King of the Beasts and jumped in on a few other peoples photos. Then it was time to find our seats!

Now, for those of you that are already getting all weird about me taking my boys to what you have labeled in your head a "princess show", you are wrong. This show was an amazing blend of songs from three Disney movies that had princesses in them but it was in no way a "princess show".

The first up, was the Princess and the Frog. Once the lights dimmed and the show started, the boys didn't move for the first few musical numbers. They stayed glued to the spot, watching Tiana and Prince Naveen on their journey. We were immediately immersed in New Orleans and the story was brought to life in an amazing, fast paced and totally captivating way. The crowd, including all the parents, were singing and clapping along. The skaters were so dynamic and energetic and it was immediately clear this was going to be an amazing show!

 The next up was the classic Cinderella. The skaters captured the grace and fun of the movie perfectly. I don't know that the boys have ever actually seen Cinderella but they loved watching the mice skate around and help Cinderella out. I loved hearing and singing along to some of my favorite Disney songs. It was a perfect pace to follow up the loud, boisterous music of the last story.

After a short intermission, we got started again with Disney's newest hit, Tangled. D has watched this movie a handful (or two) of times but he loves to pretend he is Flynn Rider. He swings around the house with his backpack or basket saying "I'm Flynn Rider, mama! You're 'Punzel cause you have hair!". 

Here again, the skating was superb and there were even some amazing aerobatics involved that had us all watching on the edge of our seats. All of our favorite songs were there and the lantern scene was so beautiful. Even though the story was rearranged a little to accommodate the length, it was still my favorite.

All in all, this has got to be my favorite kids show I have seen. Seriously. Everything was amazing. The scenes were beautiful, the lighting was perfect and the the skaters were into it. It was like watching your favorite movie happening in real life... on ice. My mother and I were talking on the way home that Olympic skaters have nothing on these guys. Next Winter Olympics, we want to see them do their routines in fat suits and wigs. That is talent!

If you are local to Atlanta, Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream is showing at Philips Arena now through Sunday. With multiple shows Friday through Sunday, there is a chance for everyone to check it our and I highly recommend it! Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and start at only $14 apiece. If you have ever been to a show at Philips, you know there is not a bad seat in the house, so this is an amazing deal!

For those of you that are not local, you should still check out the Disney on Ice website to find a show coming to your area. You won't be disappointed!

*I received tickets for us to attend this performance but it in no way altered my opinion. It really is an amazing show!

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  1. I loooooooooove Disney. It sounds like a great show!!


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