Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The dust is anyway. We are finally getting settled into our new place with very little grace and finesse. We are trying to get everything put away in an orderly fashion this time. The last few times we moved, we would just open boxes and shove the contents into cabinets and spend the next six months looking for things. Not ideal.

It's been nice to be able to do things at a little slower pace but I am ready to get back to life in a big way. Back to the things I enjoy and back to the things that help me keep my sanity. Like my morning coffee. Oh, how I miss my morning coffee. The elixir of life.

Of course that requires getting some other things settled too. Well, not the coffee. My coffee pot was one of the first things set up. Things like getting my mother back to being independent again. She has been quite dependent on us since she broke her arm at our old house. She "can't" eat or clean or cook or do laundry or.. well anything really. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand it hurts and I understand it has been extremely frustrating, especially since it was her right arm but its been a long road for all of us. Next time I will put her pain pills in her drinks so she will take them. The good news is she finally got the cast taken off this week. She is still in a brace but it will be much easier to manage which will in turn mean we will all get more done.

Something else that needs to be squared away are the details of the boys' birthday party. I haven't really been able to do much at all in the way of planning and thinking, being so preoccupied elsewhere, so there is a ton to do. I know the whens and wheres and sort know what we are doing decoration wise but I want to find some sort of craft and we have to get the food decided and bought. 18 days. I was able to get their presents early this year though and while it was not fun hiding and moving them, its nice to not have to worry about that. Hopefully this little area won't take too long to get settled and ready.

Of course, I am still in total denial about their birthdays coming up too. In a little over two weeks, I will have a four year old and a two year old. Saying I'm not ready for that would be kind of a lie. Life has gotten a lot easier since they are getting bigger and more independent. I don't have to carry diapers or sippy cups anymore. We get dressed and leave the house. Bam. Easy peasy. On the other hand though, I am not ready for all the things that come along with their new found independence. How wishy washy is that?

Mostly, I am ready to get back to playing with the boys. That time has been seriously cut short and we are all out of sorts because of it. We have been able to take little breaks here and there and do some fun things but let's face it, moving sucks for everyone involved.

Today, we are going to the park and possibly the pool. Just having an easy going, relaxing kind of day. Trying to get into the groove of the new place and the new schedules the boys' have adapted to accordingly. Lots of eating, playing and resting. The dust is settling in around us and finally we can relax.

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