Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mighty Pin

If you are around on the internet very much, you have likely heard of the new addiction that has been taking the Mama crowd by storm: Pinterest. A site where you can go to organize your lists of all things crafty or photography or quotes or whatever the heck you want. You can "pin" things from anywhere online (Except Facebook. Just another reason to despise Facebook, no?) and keep track of the things you love or the things you want to accomplish. This... thing is addictive. Its almost scary how it creeps into your mind and takes over.

Then there is the social aspect of it. We all know how that creeps in. See, you can connect with other people and follow their boards and see what they love and want to accomplish and then you can like their likes/ hopes and repin them for yourself if you so desire!

Lost yet? Yeah, probably. I don't think I am explaining it right somehow. Just suffice it to say: Pinterest is addictive. There is a whole world wide web out there of awesome stuff that is just begging to be looked at and pinned for me to oddle over again and again until I get the chutzpah to either order whatever it is or make it myself. Its almost a hobby to pin things for my hobbies. I guess that all works out in the end, right?

I posted a few weeks ago about one of the things that I have already tried off my Pinterest boards and I have to admit there are a few things that I have already done that I pinned anyway because they should be shared. There are some things too that make me just kind of roll my eyes. Like the hundreds of projects that seem to be floating around taking those discarded wooden pallets from the local big box mart and making them into other things. Seriously, there are a lot of them. Who knew? Also, I'm all for recycling things that make peoples lives better but is a yard full of rotting pallet furniture going to improve anyone's life? Unless I supposed your love to invite termites into your yard. Then go ahead and pin away!

Mostly for me its the crafty stuff. I like to be crafty but its not something I tend to make time for. I love to buy handmade things and make gifts for people for the holidays or whatnot. I Luke look Needless to say, I have a ton of things "pinned" on my craftiness idea board but have yet to actually accomplish any of them. There are 41 pins so far on that board and all of them are things that I really do want to try out. Things I think I could really do. Easily and cheaply for the most part. Of course there are a few that may require a little extra work.

So, I have decided to challenge myself to do at least one thing off my Craftiness pinboard each week until I either get caught up on it or get bored with it to the point I want to pull my hair out. 41 pins though isn't too bad of a start. If I can just keep myself from pinning more and more things as I do the others, I might actually accomplish something here. Of course, I intend on keeping you all informed of my progress as well.

Now, who wants to join me? Set a reachable challenge for yourself regarding one of your pinboards and keep us all informed of how its going? If nothing else, come back and see how its going. It should be an interesting venture. After all, I said I liked to be crafty not that I am good at being crafty.


  1. I just love Pinterest! I find it is a great bookmarking site and it has inspired me to do a lot of projects I wouldn't have done otherwise. Good luck!

  2. I just got started on pinterest and am having a blast. I haven't even unlocked half the potential yet! I'm mostly using it to pin outfits I like that I later want to recreate for less $$$.

  3. i will absolutely not click on pinterest. never, ever. i cannot handle one more internet addiction!


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