Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flash Mob by Car

This week I was invited to attend the unveiling of a new concept in the rental car industry by Wrap Media Group out of Boca Raton, FL.. You might think that sounds a bit odd but this idea is pretty revolutionary for rental cars in general. Especially with the economy spinning its wheels in the ditch, families and businesses alike are looking for a more economic option with travel.

What is this new option? This week, Budget Rentals in Atlanta unveiled a fleet of wrapped rental cars. These cars by Wrap Media Group are wrapped with a 3m vinyl design material specific to an advertising brand and offered for rent to the public at an amazing discount. Right now there is a mix of small SUVs and cars available. Perfect for a family gateway or even a businessman looking to save a few bucks of corporate money. Something any boss would love! The cars really look cool. It's not the cheesy local tanning salon wrapped vehicle. These are classy, local businesses that sponsor the vehicles. So no worries about being laughed at while you are riding through town.

Photo by the lovely Lisa. Check her out at Life With Lisa!
Which is exactly what we did on Tuesday. A group of local bloggers all gathered at Hartsfield Jackson Airport to check out the fleet. The cars we rode in were sponsored by Sheets energy strips and were a beautiful red with the Sheets logo all over. It surprised me to find out that the cars were actually silver underneath! An amazing and seamless transformation. After a quick breakfast we gathered in a group of ten Sheets cars and took to the streets to tour Atlanta as our own little mobile flash mob!

Photo by me!
We drove all over the city handing out samples and surprising groups of pedestrians all over Atlanta, from Atlantic station to Olympic Park to the Varsity for lunch. We even had our own little rodeo on the campus of Georgia Tech! People's reaction to the convoy ranged from strgange looks and double takes to waving and yelling at the cars "Whats this about?". In short, everyone's reaction was pretty cool. Even the policemen we encountered were curious and super friendly. We even got a short "escort" from a couple of members of the mounted patrol.

So now the news is out! Right now these wrapped cars are only available in Atlanta but they are expanding to most major U.S. cities soon so be sure to be on the lookout! Check out Budget Atlanta to book one of these sweet rides for your next venture in Atlanta and be sure to let me know you are coming!

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