Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mommy Confessions

Render Me Mama

Confession time. We all have them. I have decided (again) its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?

~ K is obsessed with my purse. If he sees it with in reach, which I try to avoid, he gets into it and scatters the contents as fast as he can. On Monday, he found a little ramekin of M&Ms I had stashed in there for emergencies and bust it open ninja baby style, spilling the M&Ms all over the floor. Like the awesome mother I am, I not only let K eat them off the floor, but I called D over to help him eat the candy off the floor. Go me.

~ D shoved a kid twice his age and I totally looked the other way. Totally shoved him to the ground. The big kid kept jumping in front of him and grabbing the candy that the floats were throwing during the 4 of July parade. I did my best to draw the kid's parents attention to his rude behavior but they paid no mind. So I let D take it into his own hands. Big kid didn't bother him again.

~ I am way behind on my blogging. I know this. I accept this. Well, I don't know about accept it. Thing is, I have been spending a lot more time with the boys in the last few weeks. We have been playing outside and going to the pool. Not the kind of thing I can take the laptop and blog while they do it. I don't apologize for it either. It has been weighing on my mind though.

~ I can't stop sneaking ice cream. Its calling to me. I can hear it all over my house and even sometimes when I am not here. Thing is, I don't even like ice cream. Its there though. Its just sitting in my freezer and its calling my name. I have eaten a pint of it, bite by bite over the last three days. I don't know what has come over me! Someone help!

Believe it or not, that is all I can think of this week. I don't feel like I have been a super mommy this week. Maybe its all that ice cream clogging my brain?


  1. uh.......... I eat a pint in one sitting. 2 if I'm showing real constraint.

  2. @Nicole Heh. Yeah. But do you eat three or four pints a week?? Because thats what I've been doing...


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