Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its Okay. Be Jealous.

My kids never cease to amaze me. They have both always been such easy kids, its almost stupid. First it was the sleeping, D started sleeping 5 hour stretches at 2 weeks old and 12 hour stretches by 6 weeks old. K was sleeping 12 hours by 4 weeks. How? Why? No clue. They just did. They have both always just been great sleepers.

Also: Great eaters. Great players. Great learners. Well, just great.

You know what else they do easy (apparently)? Potty train. Or rather potty- teach- themselves. D decided one day early last year he was done with diapers. Done and never looked back. Again with the how and whys. No clue. He was just ready. He sat on the potty one morning after I did and pee'd and from then on, he only wanted underwear. I made him sleep in a pull up for possibly absurdly too long but he woke up dry every time. He was 28 months old.

A fluke, right?

Thats what I thought. Then, about a month ago, K wanted to sit up on the potty after I went. I did my thing, wiped and headed out of the bathroom. When I turned around to make sure K was following me, he had backed his booty up to the potty and when we made eye contact he said "UP!". I tried to argue with him that he was silly and come one but he insisted to the point we went through the process of taking pants and diaper off and sitting him up on the potty.

Then.. he pee'd. On the potty. Like he had been doing it his whole life. There was much jubilation. High fives and hugs all around. Then I brushed it off as a fluke, put his diaper back on him and we went on about our day.

Half an hour later, it was quiet. That eerie kind of quiet where you know your kids are up to no good. I found D in the playroom, quietly playing with his cars. K I found booty to the potty.


So, pants off, diaper off, up on the potty. He grunted like he was trying to remember how so I poked his bladder and said "right there"and he did it. Again. He pee'd. And grinned. And hugged and high fived. The next morning, he did it again. That after noon, he woke dry from his nap.

My K, at 17 months old, has potty trained himself.

Its been about 6 weeks since he first went potty and I have told precious few people waiting for the relapse. Waiting for the disinterest. Waiting for him to change his mind and go back to peeing in a diaper full time. Thing is though, he loves his underwear. He loves the cartoon characters. He loves the..uhhh... freedom to his manlyness. He likes being big like his brother.

Granted, I still put a diaper on him for sleep and when we leave the house. He still poops in his diaper at nap time most of the time but he almost never pees in them. How he manages to poop and not pee I will never understand but whatever works. The poop thing we can work on. Its a comfort issue I'm sure. Well that and he is still a baby. He also still usually wakes up a wet in the morning. He sleeps about 14 hours and thats a long time to hold your pee. I can't even do that so I can't blame him. Also: Two diapers a day? I can handle that.

So, there you have it. My kids are the awesome. No denying it. Hopefully I am not jinxing myself here but we shall see. He is very much monkey see, monkey do though so as long as the rest of the family uses the potty I think we may be safe. *Knock on wood*


  1. Holy crap, your kids sound very talented indeed. I just got my toddler to start peeing in the pot a few months ago, but we have had no luck yet with doing the same when he has to poo. unfortunately.
    I know this is late, because the link list and all is closed, but I was randomly looking through the list from Friday's blog hop from Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug, looking for something GOOD and worth reading, and I found yours.
    Just wanted to say "hello"!


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