Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

 Did you join in?. To the worldwide Earth Hour event? Hundreds of millions of people in 35 different countries turned out their lights, turned off the computer and television and found other, greener ways to occupy their time on Saturday. Completely unpluged for a change. Every year during Earth Hour, people are encouraged to head outside, play a family game or just sit and enjoy the silence. One hour people, if you can't do that, you need to re-evaluate. Just sayin'.

"Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. Only a year later and Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries/territories participating. Global landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum, all stood in darkness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour." ~excerpt from

We have participated in Earth Hour since 2008. Every year we turn everything off and enjoy each other's company. It usually ends up lasting more than the suggested "hour" Last year we went to a local park and had a picnic. The year before that we stayed home and played Yatzee till our arms hurt from shaking the cup. Every year I look forward to it.This year was no exception.

It was a very stormy, ugly kind of night, so shut everything down and lit the house with candles. We wrestled, we talked, we sang. A grand time was had by all.
Flame for Rememberance

I am not a usual weekend kind of blogger. In fact, I tend to avoid it. Partly because I feel like people should be enjoying their family on the weekend away from their computer and partly because I am lazy like that. So, I decided to wait and write this on Monday. The good news though: you are not too late! The beatufy of Earth Hour is that it can be done any day or everyday.

So, go for it.Tonight, tomorrow, or even next year. Join in on an amazing movement. One that costs you no money, no hard work. Just a little extra unplugged time with yourself or your loved ones. Doesn't that sound nice?

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed

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