Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ok, not something I normally do but allow me to brag on my kids for a minute. Well, more specifically, D. Right after Christmas, I took him to our pediatrician because I was fairly sure he had an ear infection or sinus infection. He just wasn't himself. Turned out he had a mild ear infection. We cleared it up with some colloidal silver and that was that. Not really news.

While we were there, she just went ahead and did his 3 year old "check- up" since we skipped it in September. Without vaccines the well checks amount to a weight check. Our pedi lets us call in his weight and any questions with out a visit. Much easier and no copay. Anyway, she was talking to him a little while we were there and did a mock up evaluation on him to make sure he was hitting his milestones and what not.

She said he seemed great but I told her I was a little worried about the way he pronounced a few words and that he seemed to talk differently to people he didn't know well. Plus, he is so very active. She told me about a program that would evaluate him for free and ease my mind. Or get him therapy if he needed it.

His appointment with them was yesterday and we were there forever! I am proud to report though, he is perfect. They tested his hearing and vision first and he passed with flying colors. There was one part where she whispered to him behind his back and was asking him questions and he was whispering the answers back to her. Then he turned around and whispered "Why are you whispering at my head?".

Then on to the speech/ behavioral consultation. She said that the one sound that doesn't sound quite right (she told me what it was but I can't remember) was something that is very common for his age and that he will outgrow it by age four. Something about tongue maturity?

She said that she couldn't get him to really open up to her and use his big sentences but as soon as I sat down to talk to her he started chattering off about the games they had played in big, long sentences. She said that he may be a little too shy to open up to strangers because people generally have a hard time understanding children that are not their own and that he has most likely picked up on it ad that is why he is hesitant to really let loose.

She tested his cognitive and social skills too. That one was a little bizarre. It was part him doing things she asked, part me answering questions. In the end, he scored above average in both. The social skills were on about a four year old level but it was the cognitive level that blew me away. He blew threw the three year old cognitive test like it was nothing. It was all stuff he has been doing for a long time. Then we moved on to the four year old test and he aced it! Then he had passed most of the 5 year milestones too. I knew the kid was slick but wow. The IEP lady was even quite impressed.

There were a few things he couldn't do like remember his address and phone number but its not something we really work on because he is only three. Oh, and we need to spend more time drawing (Blah. I am not a big drawing type either D.)

Oh, and his gross motor skills are above average too but his fine motor (hence the drawing) is right on target.

So, that is my brag on my D. Of course he is young enough that it can all average out in the blink of an eye but for now, I am super proud of my little manly man. Too smart for his own mama.

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