Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mommy Confessions

Render Me Mama

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?

~ Totally slacked off all morning yesterday morning. I needed it though. Just a few hours to do what I wanted to do. I got a little work done around the bloggys, got my emails caught up before bedtime, spent some time fuming about other people's attitude toward the stay at home mom.

~ Saturday, we tried to decorate our tree. Tried. Ten minutes after we started, six ornaments were broken, I was in tears and we were throwing everything back into the box. Not pretty. The plan was to put all of the non breakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree and the others at the top, so the boys couldn't reach them. Which we did pretty well. Until a box of those glass balls got into the hands of the small terrorist I gave birth to (Ok, terrorist may be harsh but still). K started breaking and throwing the little balls and when we wouldn't let him do that, he started trying to swallow them whole. Not kidding. Kid is going to be a circus performer. You would think we would just move the balls where he couldn't reach them right? We did. Then they fell off the table and he was into them again like a rabid bunny at a feeding frenzy. Good news is, we tried again later and got some really cute pictures.

~ I wear men's socks. White, plain crew socks. My point of view is that its saves time on laundry by not having his and hers socks. Plus, no one sees my socks. When was the last time you judged a mother of two young boys who wasn't wearing makeup and had greasy hair by her socks? My mother on the other hand thinks I have become too lazy to live. I say, if she wants to do my laundry then she can complain but otherwise she needs to shut up and focus her concern elsewhere. Like my unshaven-since-September legs.

~ I gave K a sucker. Organic but still more sugar than I usually give him. It was well worth it too. He enjoyed the heck out of it. All wild eyed and licking it like his big brother and "mmmmm"ing and smiling the whole time. It took him quite a while to eat it too so I got a few things done while he was confined to his high chair. The best part though was when he got done with the sucker but realized he couldn't put the stick down. He was so sticky from the sucker, the stick was glued to his fat little hand. That occupied him for at least another five minutes until he started screaming and grunting hulk baby style and I had to stop laughing and rescue him from the evil sticky stick. Truth be told? I'd do it again.


  1. I do love you! I really needed to read this today, thanks for the smiles!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. It really means alot.


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