Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where Are You Christmas?

No really. Where? This bah humbug thing is really starting to bother me now guys. Like, seriously. Why can't I find the happy Christmas spirit this year? Why is hiding? Why is it bothering me so much?

I feel like little Cindy-Lou Who. Only, a little less patient. I think maybe I am psyching myself out about it now. I am trying so desperately to feel it, it is slipping farther and farther away. I was talking to Tommy about it today and he is feeling the same way. He blames it on me because I am usually the jolly elf getting everyone excited and pumped up. Not this year though.

Not that I am dreading Christmas. I found out this past weekend that my sister is going to be able to come home for a few days and that is huge for me. I am so excited about that it just makes the absence of the Christmas spirit even more obvious I think.

I just keep hoping that it will find me. You guys hope for me too. I promise I will stop complaining if I can find it so you better hope hard. Harder. Heh. Ok, just keep your fingers crossed for me then.

How do you get in the Christmas mood? Are you there yet?


  1. It's not here for me either. Even with Madeline here now - which I thought would make me more excited about it - with the move date 2 days after christmas looming on the horizon and the endless check list items rolling through my head that need to be done in order to move I don't really have time to get excited about christmas. boo hoo.

  2. So this post answered my question from your last post. Usually decorating and Christmas music do it for me. Hope it hits you soon!


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