Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things I will never understand.

Forgive me the rant here people but seriously, sometimes people do things I just can't understand.

Women that feel the need to bully other women for making choices outside their own. Seriously ladies. There is so much meanness in the world already, can't we just stick together and support each other on the being a mommy thing? Its never ending it seems.

The formula mommies bully the breastfeeding mommies, the breastfeeding mommies get all passive aggressive on the formula mommies. The vaginal birthers get all righteous on the c-section mommies. Crunchy vs. mainstream. It goes on and on.

Fact of the matter is, all of us are making the choices for our own children. I make the choices I believe are healthiest and best for me and MY kids. Unless you are hurting or neglecting your kid, its none of my business what you do with yours. There are things I am passionate about, yes, and if you ask my opinion I will give it but that doesn't mean I am the authority on your life and I expect the same respect out of you.

Then there are the women who allow their husbands to turn into their fathers. Why do some women allow their husbands to tell them when and where they are allowed to go like 12 year old girls? I have heard so many women talk about the reasons they allow their husbands do this and I absolutely still don't get it. When you got married, did they have "I'll do what whatever you say, even if it makes no sense" written in your vows? Because I sure as hell didn't!

I understand respecting your spouse and needing to spend time with them and all that. Its the women who aren't allowed to leave because the laundry isn't finished or because their husbands won't watch the kids or because they are made to feel they have to live and breathe family and aren't supposed to want or need a life outside of that. I know a grown woman who has a curfew. These women need to grow some balls. This thing, this marriage thing, its a partnership ladies. Two way street. We don't live in the stone ages anymore.

Oh, and the mommies that think because they have a camera, photoshop, and kids that they are automatically photographers. I have seen SO many over photoshopped, over processed pictures around the blogs lately and its really starting to make me twitch. You know the ones I'm talking about, don't lie. We all have that one blogger we read that does this.

Now, I am not saying all I ever do is crop a picture but I want my kids to look like my kids. Not eerie, over processed versions of themselves. If you have to over work a photo that much, it wasn't a good photo. Try again. 

The last one is the copy cats. I have heard people say that imitation is the sincerest for of flattery.. but I actually think its pretty pathetic to never have an original thought. Especially as a grown up. Someone has or does something you think is cool, its okay to copy it in your own unique way. Its the people that pull all of their friends ideas and take them as their own. That is just weird and creepy.

Ok, I'll leave you with those. Feels good to let that out in the air. So, who are those people that you just can't stand? The people that make you twitch?

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  1. I know this an old post... I loved reading it I found myself chuckling and agreeing as well as feeling kind of guilty. In a way I think that sometimes I find photos I like but the exposure or something is just too far gone that I edit it thinking I can save it but maybe like you said just try again. :) Well I feel chastised and am gonna strive to edit less. Thanks for the post.


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