Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big ONE!

If you missed it, Last Tuesday was my baby boy's first birthday. His first act of celebration was to spend the morning sleeping in until 12:30pm while his brother and I sat and twiddled our thumbs in anticipation. D kept telling me to go get him up but I wanted him to be able to rest if he needed it.

We spent the afternoon playing around the house, waiting for T to get home so we could go get into trouble somewhere. We touched every toy on the toy shelves and K did a good job of tasting them ALL. Buttons were pushed on all toys that had them. We danced when they played music. Much silliness and fun was had. We spent a little time outside taking some celebratory first birthday pictures too but he was more interested in what his big brother was doing behind him than in me making every silly face and noise I could think of to make him look.

When Tommy finally got home, we took off to Target and enjoyed one of K's favorite snacks: a soft pretzel with all the salt knocked off. We did some wandering around and piddling but mostly totally forgot to look at toys which was the whole reason we were there and headed home for naptime.

He took an amazingly short nap which was no wonder considering he had slept like 15 hours overnight. Then we headed down to the mall area, to the local Sweet Tomatoes restaurant and proceeded to stuff ourselves full of salad and soup. K shares his brothers love for raw veggies and I think he ate more than I did. Of course, he also got some happy birthday ice cream, which he thought was just the awesome sauce and our waitress was sweet enough to give him a bag full of cookies as a "gift".

We spent the next two hours after that looking for a present for him. Yep, we are bad parents and totally slacked on getting him a gift until the night of his birthday. We tried Babies R Us but they didn't have anything fun, so we hit up a different Target and got him what I had been meaning to buy for him for weeks and just never got around to getting. Then we grabbed some wrapping paper and headed out to the car.

While I wrapped the presents in the parking lot, T got the boys buckled into his car seat and all ready to head home. Of course by this time, it was nearly bed time. So, as soon as we got home, we jumped out, went in, and got started letting him unwrap! He was actually a lot more enthusiastic about unwrapping his presents than I thought he was going to be. He loves paper anyway and being encouraged to rip up the pretty wrapping paper was just up his alley. Plus, he was so excited about what he got. Some squishy blocks and a play telephone. Sometimes kids are too easy.

We spent a little bit of time playing with the new toys and giggling as a family but then it was his bed time. So, we got him all changed and snuggley ready for bed. I sat down to rock and nurse him and it was totally a weird feeling for me. He is still such a baby to me. He snuggled in close and tucked his tiny little hands between my chest and his and closed his eyes like he always does when he nurses at night and I couldn't believe it had really been a year. A whole year? Babies just don't keep.

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